June 06, 2007

Charles E. Wyckoff, Jr.

CaliforniaSgt. Charles E. Wyckoff, Jr., 28, of Chula Vista, California, died June 6, 2007, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered from enemy small arms fire. Wyckoff was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

Charlie Brown - Pre Chuck
I want to say youwill be missed even though I never ahd the opportunity to meet you. I was able to keep in touch with you for a short time via email while in Afghanistan until you went on your mission. I prayed for you all the time that the angels of God surrounded you every day that you were away from my baby sister. She will greatly miss you as well as those beautiful children.
Love - Lisa (mojone)

Mr. & Mr.s Wyckoff -
I pray that God will give you comfort, peace and understanding about your loss. There are never any words that can take away your pain, if I could take that from you, it would be mine to keep. On the more positive note, please be assured that I have several people I am affiliated with from Washington state, to Colorado (my churches) praying for you and your family. May God bless you and touch your souls. Sincerley - Lisa Garcia (Erikas 2nd oldest sister)

Erika Garcia Wyckoff - I do not have any words for you. It pains me too much to see you in pain but I know God is with you, he always has been. You are a new wife, were to be a new mother (again) and you are now lef to be the strength for your family. God will give that strength but it will come in time. Your time is to mourn, to think, to rejoice, to be thankful, and most important, to not lose your sight in God. I love you very much, and I am here for you even though we are so far away. Love with all my heart - Lisa Garcia Torres (mojone)

Anonymous said...

Chucky, You'll always be missed,we'll nerver forget your smile, your jokes, and your good attitude towards life, your forever friends the 1996 Chula Vista Cross Country Team. JR

Gina said...

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Tia Tina said...

Mr Charlie Wycoff, how my husband loves you it seems we really didnt get to know eachother that well but everytime I think of You I cant stop the tears you know you are the real winner of our family and for that title only you will be able to hold forever Such a handson young man and so accomplished also. All your Tio can say is No, its so hard for him to accept it I sometimes think in the back of his mind you are really still fighting this war. We love You Charlie I Know You are watching all of us with Barbra and your grandma. I just want to end this by saying Happy Birthday Charlie and know you will never be forgot we know your up there !!!!

P.S. tell your tio i didnt poison him!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are missed and will never be forgotten.